To assist you in feeling more confident both professionally and privately in all the world languages.



Our professional language seminars will provide you with the required degree of operational competence you will need to be able to fully deal with the international challenges presented by a global society.


Corporate Principles:

  • First-class quality – in everything we do
  • Fairness first – we shall always maintain transparent processes
  • We shall look after you – service-oriented, pro-active, professional
  • Training and education for all – we are committed to borderless understanding
  • Benefits for all – we contribute to the world understanding itself better
  • Economic learning objectives – intensive and efficient learning, quite inspirational
Quality Commitment:

laseco will always attach great importance to high-quality products as well as to a high degree of customer satisfaction along its entire value-added chain. For this reason we strictly observe internal and external quality standards and always aim at achieving a maximum level of service and customer-orientation. The monitoring of these standards is an essential constituent element in the design and implementation of all business processes and services. To this end, all existing and newly-developed core processes in our company are continuously being checked and documented. The achievement of these high quality requirements is transparently verified using defined KPIs, in particular in the area of quality management and controlling. We are confident that in this way we shall be able to improve ourselves still further for you.